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The intent of this constitution is to outline the procedures and regulations governing the graduate student organization in French Studies.

Article 1: Name

The intent of this constitution is to outline the procedures and regulations governing the graduate student organization in French Studies.

Article 2: Purpose

The name of this organization shall be the Association des doctorants et étudiants en études françaises et françophones, herein after referred to as ADEEFF (pronounced ah-DEEF).

Article 3: Membership

The purpose of this organization shall be to represent the interests of the graduate students of the department of French and Italian at Tulane University and to organize and implement events that promote French language and culture in the community.

Article 4: Meetings

Section 1. Eligibility

All graduate students of the Department of French and Italian at Tulane University shall be members of ADEEFF.

Section 2. Active Membership

To be considered active, students must have attended two out of the previous four regular meetings. Active membership is required to vote.

Section 3. Inactive Membership

Students who have not attended two out of the previous four regular meetings are considered inactive members and are not permitted to vote.

Section 4. Virtual Participation

If every effort to attend a meeting in person has been exhausted, members may request in writing to the President to participate virtually in a meeting, be it via Google Hangout or other platform.

Article 5: Dues

ADEEFF does not collect dues from its members.

Article 6: Officers

Section 1. Number and method of elections

  1. ADEEFF shall elect from the active membership a Vice President and a Secretary/Treasurer. Officers should have a record of active participation.
  2.  Elections will be held at the final regular meeting of the academic year (April).
  3.  Officers shall be elected by nomination and secret ballot. An independent designee shall facilitate all elections.
  4. All elections shall be by simple majority (50% plus 1) of quorum.

Section 2. Terms of Office

The officers shall be selected annually at the final regular meeting of the academic year (April), to assume office during the summer months. They shall serve one academic year, with the exception of the Vice President, who shall serve a second term in the role of President.

Section 3. Executive Board

The elected officials including the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Immediate Past President shall constitute the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall make general decisions regarding the ADEEFF that do not require a vote, including setting meeting times, agenda items, and so on.

Section 4. Advisory Board

The Advisory Board shall consist of the GSSA representative, committee chairs, and any other person in a leadership position. The advisory board members communicate with the Executive Board before regular meetings in order to appear on the agenda for regular meetings.

Section 5. Duties of Office

A.  The PRESIDENT shall:

  1.      Preside over all regular meetings of the ADEEFF.
  2.      Represent the graduate students when representation is required.

B.    The VICE PRESIDENT shall:

  1.      Perform the duties of the PRESIDENT in case of his/her absence.
  2.      Become PRESIDENT at the conclusion of his/her term of office.
  3.    Serve as the chair of the Professional Development committee.

C.    The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

  1.    Be responsible for the preparation and updating of the ADEEFF’s budget as appropriate.
  2.   Record and file minutes at all meetings.
  3.    Be responsible for the maintenance of the ADEEFF website.
  4.    Send official e-mail announcements regarding meetings and ADEEFF events to all members.

D.  The GSSA Representative shall:

  1. Attend all GSSA meetings or, when required, secure a responsible, competent substitute to attend.
  2. Do paperwork associated with GSSA.
  3. Serve as chair of Social Events committee and secure necessary funds from GSSA for ADEEFF events.

Section 6. Removal of Officers

  1.  Officers who do not fulfill their responsibilities or knowingly hinder the development of  ADEEFF may be removed from office.
  2.  Removal charges must be given to the PRESIDENT in writing. Written notification will then be given to the accused officer and he/she will have one week to prepare a defense. The President shall then call a meeting of ADEEFF. At that time, the accused officer will present his/her defense and a vote will be taken.
  3.  Officers shall be removed with TWO-THIRDS (2/3) VOTE of quorum.

Article 7: Committees

Section 1. Standing Committees

  1. Social Events
  2. French Week
  3. Professional Development

Section 2. The Duties of Standing Committees

A. The Social Events Committee shall work with the GSSA representative to budget for and organize all social events. Social events must be open to ALL graduate student, both active and inactive members.

B. The French Week Committee shall oversee at least one activity for French Week as recognized by the AATF.

C. The Professional Development Committee shall work with Director of Graduate Studies to assure proper professional development is available for graduate students within the department.

Article 8: Amendments

Section 1. Procedure for Amendments

Proposed amendments must be delivered to the PRESIDENT in writing. The PRESIDENT, having received the proposed amendment, shall schedule a meeting of the organization. At this time, the amendment shall be read aloud, discussed, and voted upon.

Section 2. Ratification

This constitution may be amended by a THREE-FOURTHS (3/4) VOTE of quorum.


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